This statement article discusses a very controversial question and tries to hypothesize why postmodernism concepts could be no longer needed. and argue about its end possibility, after the birth of new concepts that came after, which were classified by the critics and thinkers as Post-postmodernism, to emulate the issues and developments that happened in the era of the third millennium which synchronized with the phenomena that evolved to contain cultural changes and social contexts in societies throughout the high-tech advancements, which caused harmful ecological impacts. Post-postmodernism started to create new concepts in how art and science gathered to serve the sustainability of human beings' lives, which turned to nature through the framework of peace and reconciliation with the environment, that was near to achieve the principles of sustainable development. The article aimed to discuss the relationship between the concepts of Post-postmodern art and the concepts of sustainability, and also concentrate on how Post-postmodernism attempts to provide artistic solutions in its aesthetic creations; to realize concept of integration with social, cultural, natural, and environmental contexts. That is also targeted in the sustainable development goals.

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