Aims & Scope

Journal of Art, Design and Music (JADM) is an international, double-blind, peer-reviewed, open access, printed & online journal, which is intended to provide a multidisciplinary digital platform of science-based knowledge associated with the Art, Design, and Music disciplines. JADM aims to reposit and exchange knowledge, ideas, and information among professionals, artists, designers, and students concerned with Art, Design, and Music disciplines in the world.

JADM accepts the following types of articles: Original study (primary research literature has a proposed hypothesis, methods, and experimental/analytical approach that has not been published yet), Theory Paper (usual papers in humanities, art, design, and music that introduces and discusses ideas and principles are theoretical, either new or established), Editorial (generally from the editors and occasionally from guest editors), Review (summarize and analyze published literature on a topic that presents a comprehensive overview of a specific field of study pointing out knowledge gaps), Case Report (reports a case in which a phenomenon, event, place, or an era is the subject of the study), and Special Issue Article (related to a specific theme addressed by JADM Editorial Board).

Journal of Art, Design and Music (JADM) Contributors are invited to submit their original research and papers to contribute within four main disciplines. JADM main classifications are "Art”, “Design", and "Music", that include various sub-disciplines (but not excluded to):

  • Arts (Architecture, Drawing & Painting, Décor, Graphics, Sculpture, History of Art, Pottery, Metal Artworks, Wooden Artworks,Textile Printing, Crafts, Art Curricula and Teaching Methods, Foundation of Art Education, Psychology, Technologies of Education, Criticism and Art Appreciation).
  • Design (Design Theory & History of Design, Interior Design, Environmental Design, New Media and Interactive Design, Textile and Fashion Design, Industrial and Product Design, Ceramics and Sculpture, Photography and Cinema, Future and Cultural studies, and any design research across all domains of application, including creative design methods and innovative technologies).
  • Music (Arabic Music, Western Art Music Composition, Theory and Composition, Performance, Musicology, Pedagogical Science of Music).