The deviation in the formal idiomatic circulation of the body is nothing more than a response to the new currency; The (things) that surround us mean that they represent the new interests that the artist transforms into meanings and symbols after he invests them as aesthetic visual formations.

Art establishes a reality other than the one that was established by (the body), which is always subject to a system of deliberative relations, and in general we can diagnose it in three paths, it is either linked to what represents the changing objective reality with the change of general systems or causes them, or it is a subject to the logic of general thought in its changing space-time limits, or it is a subject to the principle of benefit and advantage sometimes. We are with our belief that the formal transformation of the body is either in the exchange of roles between the subject and the non-subject or between reality and non-reality, but we can show the phenomenon of the aesthetic discourse of the body in the art of (performance) in another way, as it will be presented in this study.

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