The first few months of the spread of the Covid – 19 pandemics forced educational institutions to shut down. New means of educational methods and tools had to be adapted to move forward with education. Although most educational institutions were not ready to adapt and implement "e-Learning"; yet they strived to do their best to pick up where they left.

Interior Design and Art Education (ID&AE) at the College of Basic Education (CBE) in the State of Kuwait were two areas of specialization in that e-learning was new to them. The objectives of this study were to address the factors that affected e-learning for ID&AE students since the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic and to investigate the way to redeem educational losses of the ID&AE Students resulted from the unexpected spread of Covid-19. One hundred and eighty-two (182) male and female students participated in the group discussion for 10 weeks. Group discussions with open-ended questions were applied between the researcher and the students to address 13 main areas of concern.

Students struggled at the beginning of their e-learning, but they managed to catchup. A detailed comprehensive research study is recommended to be done to elaborate on the ID&AE male and female students’ attitudes and perceptions toward e-learning.